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Banner image: Center Tower
21 New student move in
25–27 Returning student move in
28 Classes begin
11 Room change freeze period over (room change requests can begin in conversation with your house advisor)
12 Registration for October Break due (via Google form; no additional cost for housing/meals)
13–22 October Break
1 Outreach to students away from Vassar but returning for spring
8 Intersession Housing Application available (cost associated with Intersession Housing/Dining)
22–26 Thanksgiving Recess
27 Room change freeze begins for remainder of fall semester
4 Intersession Housing Application due
6 Fall semester classes end
7–10 Study Period
11–15 Final Exams
14 Spring Semester Housing Applications due for all students not currently on campus
16 Houses close for all students (except registered intersession students); room inspections begin at 9 a.m.
14 Houses open for all students
17 Classes begin
29 Room Change Freeze period over (room change requests can begin in conversation with your house advisor)
1–11 Opt-in period for Apartment Draw: Students form groups via Residence
12 Ferry and TH Co-op Applications due
15 All requests for AEO related housing accommodations for upcoming housing processes due to the AEO Office
28–March 1 Online Apartment Draw via Residence
1–17 Spring Break (except registered intersession students)
2–10 Opt-in period for Suite Draw: Students form groups via Residence
2 All residential areas close for Spring Break at 9 a.m.
10–20 House Room Draw Applications available
16 All residential areas re-open at 9 a.m. (Gordon Commons open 11 a.m.–9 p.m.)
17 Gordon Commons open from 9 a.m.–9 p.m.
18 All dining areas re-open with normal hours
20 Online Suite Draw via Residence
1–30 Summer Housing and Late Stay Applications available
15–17 Online HOUSE ROOM DRAWS (6–10 p.m. via Residence)
30 Spring Semester Classes End
1 Returning Student Room Change/New Assignment Application opens
1–7 Study Period
8–14 Finals
15 Houses Close for all but seniors and those approved for Late Stay
19 Commencement
20 All students expected to be completely moved out of all residential areas by 9 a.m.