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Nine traditional houses (Main, Strong, Raymond, Davison, Lathrop, Jewett, Josselyn, Cushing, and Noyes), each housing between 170 and 350 students, accommodate the majority of first-, second-, and third-year students at Vassar. One cooperative house, the Dexter M. Ferry Cooperative House accommodates 20  students. Most fourth-year (and some third-year) students live in one of the college’s three apartment complexes—the Terrace Apartments, the Town Houses, and the South Commons. Each house is distinctive, from its physical characteristics and history to the personality of the residents and the atmosphere they choose to create within the house. Housing is guaranteed for all full-time students; part-time students are not eligible for campus housing.

96% of Vassar students live on campus in either the residential houses or the apartment complexes. Students who wish to live off-campus may request this approval by completing an Off Campus Housing application within the Residence Housing System Portal. Students who wish to request special accommodations due to health-related reasons may do so through the Office of Accessibility and Educational Opportunity.

Student rooms, including those in the apartment complexes, are furnished with basic needs—bed, dresser, desk/chair. All student rooms have both wired and wireless connections to the Internet. The houses also have kitchen facilities, parlors, multipurpose rooms for house activities, television rooms, and laundry facilities.