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What to Bring

While rooms may seem bare at first, most students are quite creative in setting up their living space. We like to think of your living space as the one area where you can fully project your persona onto your surroundings. However, painting and drawing graffiti on the walls are not allowed. The fees for repainting a room are fairly steep, so please refrain.

The College accepts no responsibility at any time for the personal property of students. We encourage you to check your homeowners/renters insurance policy to ensure your possessions are covered while you are at school.

While you probably can best judge what your needs are, you may want to consult our list of useful items, as well as the list of prohibited items. Stores are within walking distance of the campus and shopping malls are also nearby if you prefer to purchase items upon arrival.

We recommend that you contact your roommate(s) to avoid duplicating items unnecessarily.