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Please do not bring any of the following, as they are not permitted in the residence houses or apartments:

  • upholstered furniture (including but not limited to futons, beanbags, couches,  and pillows that cannot fit into college dryers) are not allowed in any college housing (residential houses, cooperatives, and apartment areas). 
    • With few exceptions, upholstered furniture is prohibited unless approved or provided by the College. 
      • The apartment areas/co-ops and Jewett/Main suites are provided with one/two upholstered couches in the common areas.
  • microwave ovens (unless it is a combination microwave oven and refrigerator, which can be rented from Campus Specialties, Inc.)
  • unregistered pets
  • electric blankets/heating pads
  • immersion heaters/space heaters
  • percolators/electric kettles
  • candles, incense, sage
  • ultraviolet / infrared lamps, halogen lamps, lava lamps
  • any sort of extension cord that doesn’t have a built-in fuse or circuit breaker
  • large lithium batteries
  • e-bikes, scooters, hoverboards
  • personal window air conditioner units (students in need of an air conditioner for medical reasons should register with AEO to request a Vassar College portable AC)

Prohibited outside of apartment areas:

  • toasters
  • electric frying pans/grills/woks

Prohibited unless contains auto-shut off function:

  • hot plates/hot pots
  • irons/steamers
  • wax warmers

Other highly discouraged items:

  • Command strips
  • Blue Tac
  • Adhesive LED Light Strips

While we attempt to list as many non-permitted items that we know of, the list is not comprehensive; please check with your House Advisor about any items not listed that may be questionable.