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Student participation is key to recycling success at Vassar. Residents can help by making a conscientious effort to recycle properly. Instructions are posted on each floor and in apartment areas. There are also locations throughout campus to recycle plastics and glass. Vassar values sustainability and is required to comply with related initiatives as per New York State law and Poughkeepsie ordinance. Help us demonstrate good environmental stewardship as members of the Poughkeepsie community, and help keep Vassar’s operational costs down.

Where to Recycle:

Residents may recycle in any of the College houses and apartment areas, utilizing appropriately marked canisters. Do NOT place trash in recycling containers to avoid cross-contamination.

Where to Dispose of Trash:

Non-recycled materials should be disposed of in trash bins that are located on each floor of all buildings. Be sure to bag your trash. Large bags and empty cardboard boxes should not be put into trash bins but should be placed outside in the larger trash bins located near each house and apartment area. Do not dispose of trash in recycling areas.

Under no circumstances should trash or personal belongings of any kind be left in hallways. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action. Unattended personal belongings left in hallways or public areas may be considered to be trash and disposed of as such.