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All guests, licensees, and visitors are subject to the Vassar College Regulations. When an individual or group invites guests not directly connected with the College, the individual or group assumes responsibility for their awareness of these regulations, and may also be held responsible for the behavior of their guests (College Regulations, Part G. Section 27).

Visitors to the residences must have a guest pass and be accompanied at all times by a host who carries a valid Vassar ID card. A host is responsible for their guests at all times. Guest visitation can be a particularly sensitive issue. Your privilege to have guests requires consideration of your roommate, floormates, and other community members, and at any time is subject to the following limitations:

  • The host must register the guest properly to obtain a guest pass. Guest passes may be obtained at the Residential Operations Center (ROC). Hosts are responsible for providing their guests with these passes and for informing their guests of the College Regulations.
  • Each Vassar student is limited to sponsoring no more than two (2) guests on campus at any one time.
  • A resident may not pressure or force roommates to tolerate the presence of a guest.
  • The presence of guests must not restrict free access of legitimate occupants to all common spaces and to any private space they may have, or create any situation that infringes on the right of roommates or floormates to remain undisturbed in any residence.
  • A guest may not remain in a house for more than three consecutive nights without prior authorization. Extended guest passes may be obtained through the Office of Residential Life. A guest may not occupy a student’s room when the student is not present; a resident may not give a guest their room key or Vassar ID card to enter residences.
  • The resident must accompany the guest inside buildings. The actions of the guest are the resident’s responsibility.
  • Guests must have a valid photo ID. A guest pass must be shown at the request of any member of the College community.
  • Guests may not sign in other guests.
  • Guests may not sleep in public spaces or utilize the public spaces for personal activities during their stay.
  • Any student on leave of absence from the College is considered a guest during the period of the leave. Students who have completed requirements for graduation in January, and who are not registered for courses are considered to be guests when they visit on campus prior to graduation weekend.
  • All employees of Vassar College are to obtain a guest pass prior to entering a residential facility during off-duty hours or for non-work related reasons, except for events open to the public. Each employee must provide proper ID and must be accompanied by their host while in the residential facilities. Any employee of Vassar College who is in violation of this policy, or refuses to show the guest pass when requested, may be subject to disciplinary action.
  • No student may entertain as a guest on College-owned property anyone who has been suspended, expelled, or otherwise excluded from the campus by prior college action.
  • The College reserves the right to withdraw hospitality from any guest who violates any College Regulation, abuses guest privileges, or who disturbs the Vassar College community.