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Inspections are completed at the beginning and end of both semesters, and typically during February with the local Fire Department representative. The purposes of inspections are as follows:

  • to ensure that students are following College Regulations in regard to occupancy
  • to check safety precautions (smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, illegal appliances)
  • to confirm College inventory
  • to report any damage or change in the condition of the room/apartment
  • At the time of inspection, the College also has the right to confiscate and/or report billing for:
    • any missing or misappropriated item from the Houses (such as house furniture)
    • damaged College property
    • illegal substances (drugs, paraphernalia, illegal weapons, etc.)
    • illegal appliances in the room

Inspections can occur with or without your presence. If an inspection occurs without your presence, a note will be left explaining the purpose of entry, along with the date and time of entry and any noteworthy outcomes of the inspection.