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Office of Residential Life

The Office of Residential Life oversees all aspects of a Vassar education that pertain to living on campus.

The Residential Life staff provides a safe, comfortable, and educational space for members of the residential community, coordinates activities that complement academic pursuits, advocates for and advises students, and strives to empower students to become leaders on campus and beyond. 

Information Regarding Fall 2021 Move-In and Early Arrival  

Move-In Dates are as follows: 

First Years: August 22nd (each First Year will receive a designated move-in time individually)
Returner Students: August 26th-29th

If you do not need to move in early, you will receive an email with more information. 

In order to return to campus early, you will need to complete the Summer 2021 Early Arrival Application. 

Personal Early Arrival is intended for continuing and incoming students who need to return/come to Vassar one to two days prior to the official return dates in order to attend to personal college-related business/tasks (e.g., medical appointment as part of a return from a Medical Leave of Absence), and/or other exceptional circumstances. PERSONAL EARLY ARRIVAL IS NOT INTENDED FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO SETTLE INTO THEIR ROOM/APARTMENT EARLY. 

Students can request to come back to campus no earlier than August 13th. Applications are due no later than August 1st. Requests will be reviewed and responded to on a rolling basis. Final notifications regarding approval for Early Arrival will be sent out on August 5th. 

In order to be approved for early arrival, you’ll have to provide context and reasoning as to why you need to return to campus early. Only complete applications will be considered, incomplete applications will not be reviewed. If you are approved to return early to campus, you will need to plan your travel so that you arrive to Vassar between the hours of 9am and 9pm to pick up your key. More information about COVID-related testing and requirements will be forthcoming from the College soon. 

*****Unless your early arrival is tied to the need for COVID vaccination or quarantine, you will be charged $25 per day you are on campus before your scheduled arrival date.***** 

*****Students who are not approved for early arrival, but arrive on campus prior to their designated return date, will be charged a minimum of $200.00 per day.*****

*****Students assigned to the 5th Floor Center of Main House cannot return early to campus.*****

If you’re returning early to campus as part of a Vassar program, please communicate with your program supervisor or employer to confirm your early arrival status. There is a separate process for those approvals. YOU DO NOT NEED TO FILL OUT THIS FORM IF YOU ARE PARTICIPATING IN A COLLEGE-SPONSORED PROGRAM REQUIRING YOU TO MOVE IN EARLY. 

Summer 2021 Early Arrival Application

Please contact Kris Van Nostrand at with questions. 



8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.

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