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The Residential Education team consists of our House Advisors, Assistant Directors, and Director of Residential Education who are all live-in professional administrators dedicated to building a safe and welcoming community within each of our Houses. House Advisors work closely with their House Team, comprised of several student leaders, to find ways to encourage student’s learning and development outside the classroom.

The House Team

House Advisors act as liaisons between the Office of Residential Life and the Houses. House Advisors supervise Student Fellows, House Student Advisors, and the House President, and serve as an ongoing resource to other all House Team members. Each House Advisor is responsible for one to two houses: overseeing the building management, ensuring the security and wellbeing of the students, and providing social/cultural/educational programming within the House.

House Fellows are faculty members who live with their families in apartments within the houses. House Fellows help to create a sense of community in the house, hosting study-breaks and other events and providing informal advising to the students in their house.

Student Fellows are upperclassmen, usually second-year students, who have been trained to provide peer mentorship for new students. Each Student Fellow is assigned to a group of incoming first-year and or transfer students who live in the same hall. Student Fellows are familiar with campus resources, and are trained to support new students with the social and academic problems frequently encountered during their first year at Vassar.

Community Fellows are upperclassmen, who have been trained to provide peer mentorship for their fellow returning students. Each Community Fellow is assigned to a group of returning students who live on the same floor. Community Fellows are familiar with campus resources, and are trained to support their peers with the social and academic problems that can occur during their time at Vassar.

House Student Advisors, usually third-year students, provide ongoing guidance and mentorship for the members of House Team after having served on House Team previously. House Student Advisors work closely with the House Advisor and House Event Office to support the House Team in all areas. 

House Fellow Interns, paired with the House Fellows, serve as academic resources and aim to create opportunities for intellectual discourse (often over food) through programming both inside and outside the House.

House Event Officers, elected to House Team by the members of the house, serve as liaison between House Teams and the Vassar Student Association (Vassar’s student government). House Event Officers oversee House Team meetings and work to plan and execute programming and events put on in the House.