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Does Vassar have prefects or RAs?

No, Vassar does not have prefects or RAs. Each house is self-governing and self-directing, with leadership provided by the House Team. The House Team includes:

  • House Advisor – member of the Residential Life staff who coordinates programming and serves as a liaison with Office of Residential Life 
  • House Fellows – faculty members and their families who live in the house
  • House Fellow Interns – supports the House Fellow and coordinates the intellectual activities of the house
  • House Student Advisor – third-year student who works closely with the Student Fellows and the House Advisor
  • Student Fellows – second-year students (and a few third-year students) who work closely with small groups of first-year students as they transition to life at college
  • House Officers – elected by the house membership

How are student leaders chosen?

In the spring semester each year, the Office of Residential Life selects student leaders for the following academic year. Positions selected by the Office of Residential Life include House Student Advisors, Student Fellows, TVE Fellows, and House Fellow Interns. The process for House Student Advisors opens in December, and typically is concluded by February.

To be a Student Advisor it is necessary to have been a House Officer, Student/TVE Fellow, or House Fellow Intern previously. All other selected positions require no previous experience, but do require a minimum GPA and full completion of the application process.

House Officers—President, Programming Director, Treasurer, and Secretary—are elected by the house membership during spring elections. The First Year Representative for the house is elected at the beginning of the fall semester. The house President represents the house in the Vassar Student Association senate.

Are there any special accommodations for students with health issues?

Issues involving residential students with health concerns are reviewed individually, with the resolution based on medical facts, college policies, and with concern for confidentiality and the best interests of all parties involved.

Immuno-compromised students may require and be granted special housing arrangements to protect themselves for medical or emotional reasons. Requests for room assignments and changes are considered in accordance with established residence policies, depending on the availability of rooms. Professional staff members from the Office of Residential Life are available and prepared to respond to or refer inquiries from students, staff, faculty, and others.

Do first-year students all live together?

No. First-, second-, and third-year students, as well as some fourth-years, live in each of Vassar’s nine houses. However, first-year students are placed in Student Fellow groups—usually, 8-10 students who live in the same hall and who are assigned to a Student Fellow, usually a second-year student, who helps them acclimate to campus life. 

Do you have special interest dorms, like language dorms, or sports dorms?

We do not have housing reserved for first-year students, student-athletes, international students, science majors, musicians, etc. Students are mixed together in residence halls regardless of academic/extracurricular interest, which creates active and diverse environments in each of our residence halls.

Are cars allowed?

Yes, all students (including first-year students) are allowed to bring cars. About one-quarter to one-third of students have a car on campus. All students with cars must register them with the Office of Safety and Security, pay an annual parking fee, and abide by all parking regulations. Visit the Safety and Security website for details.

Can I bring my pet?

Pets are not permitted in residences, except for those of a size that can be humanely kept in an aquarium/cage not larger than 20 gallons 24 hours a day. All roommates must agree upon the presence of pets. Poisonous pets are not permitted. “Visiting” pets are not permitted. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in disciplinary action.

Can I live off-campus?

As an important part of a Vassar education is to master the art of living cooperatively in a diverse community, we strongly advise students to remain on campus for their first three years and move to one of the college’s apartment areas for the senior year. Students who wish to live off-campus or to make other special accommodations must acquire approval through the Office of Residential Life.