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Under community living conditions, pests can become unwanted guests. You can minimize problems by being proactive:

  • Keep kitchen areas clean, wash dirty dishes, wipe counters and vacuum or sweep often.
  • Use sealed containers to store food items, condiments, etc.
  • Never leave food in open containers; use glass, metal, heavy plastic or other sturdy, tightly-sealed containers.
  • Do not store paper bags or cardboard boxes; they can encourage nesting by roaches and mice.
  • Use plastic trash bags for storage and for trash.
  • Should a problem develop, submit a service request for pest management on the Residential Life website.
  • The Office of Residential Life and Facilities Operations conducts room and apartment inspections on a regular basis and also as needed to address extermination and other concerns. See room entry for more information.
  • Bed bug infestation has been on the rise nationally in the past few years. Should you suspect that you have bed bugs, contact the ROC by submitting a service request via the Res Life webpage. Craig Thomas Pest Control is an outside vendor utilized by the College to address pest/nuisance issues.