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Heating in most houses on campus is controlled through zones or a group of contiguous rooms. Temperature is managed in each zone as a whole and controlled by the temperature in the sensor room. As the temperature rises or falls in the sensor room, heating for the whole zone rises or falls to try and maintain a consistent temperature. This means that if a student in a senor room drastically changes the temperature in their room, all the other rooms will become much hotter or cooler as part of the zone’s response.

If You Are in a Heating Control Sensor Room:

A sensor in your room (plate on wall) takes the temperature and is used along with other rooms in your zone of the building to control the Energy Management System. This system is computer-controlled to turn heat on or off when the average temperature of a zone’s sensor rooms is below or above a set temperature.

Please be considerate as your room’s temperature directly affects your neighbors’ heating. Conditions in your room may prevent the Energy Management System from functioning properly. Please don’t put any heat-producing appliances directly under the sensor, and please don’t leave your windows open.

We have limited the adjustment range on your radiator control valve in order to standardize the temperature in your room.

If you have any questions please call the ROC at (845) 437-7169. If you are too hot or too cold, please put in a service request.