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Scotch tape, adhesive tape, hooks, putty, nails, small tacks, push pins, and glue are not to be used for hanging decorations as they severely damage walls and may necessitate repainting an entire room at your expense. Painter’s tape or similar products are recommended. If there is excessive damage to the walls, you will be charged the cost of repair. An 18-inch clearance must be maintained below the sprinkler head around the circumference of the room. Other prohibited items:

  • Painting of the room(s)
  • Excessive paper (crepe paper)
  • Tapestry on ceiling or covering of walls
  • Hanging items on sprinkler pipes
  • Candles
  • Incense

Holiday Decorations

Cut trees are not permitted. Other decorations must be flame retardant; check tags or wrappers prior to purchase. Decorations must not be placed in front of exits. If lights are utilized, they must be from a remote source. All lights must be tagged as having been approved by Underwriters Laboratories. Discard damaged light sets (frayed wires, loose connections, broken/cracked sockets). All electrical decorations must be unplugged when unattended. Winter seasonal holiday decorations composed of food items (for example, candy canes) should be removed and disposed of before leaving campus for Winter Break.