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The College recognizes and respects students’ desire for privacy, especially within the context of a group-living environment. It is occasionally necessary for the College to exercise its contractual right to enter a room in the interests of maintaining an environment that provides for the health, safety, and welfare of the resident and their fellow residents. The following procedures have been developed as a guide for employees of the College and for residents to ensure the performance of duties and to maintain your privacy.

Rooms shall be entered in your absence by authorized college personnel for routine health and safety inspections or when there is cause to believe a situation exists that may jeopardize the health, safety, and welfare of the community, cause damage to a room or its furnishings, or in order to perform housekeeping, inspection, or maintenance functions. Your room shall be entered only after knocking. Entry, following the knock, shall be preceded by a time lapse of sufficient duration to provide you the opportunity to open the door by yourself.

Generally, Residential Life personnel will not enter rooms after business hours except in the case of an emergency where inspection of a room may be required, or to ensure the well being of a resident or the resident’s belongings. All staff conducting work in rooms will clearly display identification and residents may ask to see such identification as well. All employees entering a student room when the student is not home will leave a door tag informing the student why their room was entered. Submissions of service requests shall be considered notice of pending room entry. Room entry and inspection can occur with or without your presence.