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You may report common area problems or individual room problems by signing in and filling out a service request. In the event of an emergency call (845) 437-7333. Specify the floor, area, and needed repair. If you believe that you have not received adequate service after following the specified procedures, please contact the ROC.

All maintenance and repairs are to be done only by Vassar’s Facilities Operations. Non-compliance may result in fines. Repairs done by unauthorized personnel are subject to substantial fines.

Typical emergency repairs are:

  • Plumbing problems that cause flooding.
  • Immediate health and safety hazards such as sparking electrical outlets or fixtures.
  • Beeping smoke detectors. Do not remove the battery should the detector continuously beep. This is considered tampering with life safety equipment and you are subject to an automatic fine and processed via the student conduct process.

The Office of Residential Life and Facilities Operations reserve the right to conduct facility improvements, repairs, and preventative maintenance in the interest of safety and comfort for our residents and campus community. It is not our practice to offer rebates or to guarantee reassignments should such repairs become necessary. We will attempt to forewarn students regarding disruptions of environment and/or service. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be given the opportunity to do this in every case.