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Residents’ Rooms

Residents are responsible for maintaining an acceptable level of cleanliness in their room(s). In the event that adequate health and safety standards are not maintained, the College will have the apartment/room cleaned at the resident’s expense. Residents will be billed for excessive or improperly disposed trash, in private or public spaces, that can be traced to them.

When one roommate moves out, those remaining are each equally responsible for cleaning the apartment/room. If the apartment/room is not found to be in acceptable condition for a new resident, a cleaning service will be provided and each resident charged. 

Housekeeping in Common Areas

College housekeeping service is provided seven days per week (except holidays) for all common areas in the residences, such as corridors, lounges, lobby areas, laundry rooms, and shared bathrooms in the residential houses. If you use a public lounge/common area, you are expected to return the room to its neat and clean condition.