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Each student is supplied with a bed, desk, desk drawers, desk chair, and dresser. Additional room furnishings vary depending on the type of room you are provided. Due to limited storage areas, no room furniture may be removed or stored. You may not change or alter the existing facilities and must abide by the following policies:

  • Putting tape, decals, chalk, or other decorations or items on the exterior of a room or building, including windows, doors, entry ways, or floors is prohibited.
  • You are responsible for all furnishings provided. Due to space limitations and work constraints, College departments cannot store furniture that belongs in the room.
  • Room furnishing left in public areas will be investigated by knocking on room doors and/or conducting room inspections. This will allow us to locate the room to which the furniture belongs.
  • All furniture needed to maintain maximum capacity will remain in the unit to allow Res Life full flexibility in assignment configurations.
  • Residents will be charged for the replacement of any furniture that is missing at the end of the occupancy period in addition to an administrative fee.
  • You may not remove residence furniture, equipment, or property; you may not alter floors, ceilings, or doors of any apartment or room, including painting or making structural repairs or modifications. You are liable for any damage or alterations incurred during your occupancy period.
  • Removal of common-area or common-use furniture, equipment, or fixtures is forbidden, as they are intended for use by everyone.
  • No partitions (structural repairs, modifications, or freestanding pieces) are permitted in College residences, as they damage walls, ceilings and floors, and pose a safety hazard.
  • Residents may not add locks, alarms, or chains to their doors, as they hinder access by authorized personnel.
  • Waterbeds are not permitted in College residences.
  • Altering or tampering with the telephone, electrical, plumbing, circulation, or other building systems is prohibited.
  • Residents are not permitted to perform any maintenance or repairs. College-authorized personnel must do all work.