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The resident’s initial point of contact upon moving in or final point of contact upon moving out of a college house or apartment area is the ROC. Here, your official move-in and move-out time is recorded, paperwork is completed, and keys are dispensed or returned.

Room Condition Form

The Room Condition Form informs residents of the furniture provided for their room. This form also provides instructions for how to formally report missing furniture or damage discrepancies that you wish to be documented. This may protect you from being charged for noted items or repairs at move-out.

All students are obligated to fill out a room condition form at check-in and whenever they change rooms.

If you have not reported discrepancies in your room’s condition and furniture placement inventory, and damages are found during the Move-Out inspection, you may be subject to charges for damages and missing furniture.

Move-Out Checklist and Procedure

It is important to follow proper move-out procedures so that you do not incur additional charges and other unanticipated fines. Residents should not leave personal belongings in the hallways as it may obstruct exit routes in the event of an emergency. All belongings left in hallways will be considered trash and discarded.

Authorization: Unless it is the official end of your occupancy period, you must have authorization from the Office of Residential Life to move out. Unless you have proper authorization, you will not be released from your Housing Agreement, and you will continue to be charged for a room.

Keys: Turn in your keys at the ROC. Keeping room keys means that you retain occupancy of the room. Termination of occupancy is only completed when you return your keys and check out at the ROC. Failure to do so by your scheduled move-out date may result in additional charges.

Trash: Clean your space and remove all belongings and trash. Be certain you leave your room(s) and any storage areas you have used clear of all belongings and trash.

Appliances: Rented refrigerators must be cleaned and defrosted (turned to low with the door closed). In college apartments, refrigerators must be cleaned and defrosted, and stoves and ovens must be cleaned. Turn off all lights, heaters, and air conditioners.

Cleaning: When one roommate moves out while the other(s) remains, each is equally responsible for cleaning the room(s) so that it is in acceptable condition for new residents. Should residents fail to fulfill this obligation, cleaning service will be provided at the expense of each resident.

Damages: Students are jointly and severally liable for all damage that is caused to the room(s) or any furniture/furnishings/fixtures therein. Students are liable for the cost of repairing damage to the room(s) and building in case of fire, smoke, etc, if caused in violation of the Housing Agreement.

Vacating: Students must vacate by 9 a.m. of the last day of their occupancy period. The College is not responsible for belongings left in rooms or storage areas past the move-out date. Items not removed on time will be removed and disposed of at your expense. After you vacate, Office of Residential Life personnel will inspect your unit for damages and furnishings. In case of damage to a room or its furnishings, or missing inventory, you will be sent a bill to cover the repair/replacement costs.

Updated details for Move-In, official dates, instructions, and directions are posted on the Vassar College academic calendar.

Early Move-In and End-of-Year Move-Out Extensions

The Office of Residential Life reserves the right to extend or deny early move-in privileges to incoming residents, as well as to accommodate or deny requests to remain in residence beyond the end of the Housing Agreement. The ability to move in early or stay late may be dependent upon off-term utilization of the facilities, including construction, college events, and conferences, or other factors.