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Rights of Members

All house members possess the following rights in their respective houses:

  • Full access to use of house facilities including appliances, gaming tables, and common areas.
  • The right to attend all house functions.
  • The right to attend open house meetings.

Responsibilities of Members

All house members are expected to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Represent the house in a positive manner.
  • Be responsible for your community and work at a variety of levels to build, maintain, and contribute to the campus, local, and global communities.
  • Be accountable for your choices and take ownership of your actions, opinions, and beliefs.     
  • Be accountable for preventing your actions from infringing on or violating others’ rights.
  • Speak and listen to others to reach shared understandings.
  • Address situations and communicate concerns about issues that undermine community or individual rights, whether they be your own or those of others.
  • Respect house property, house members, and neighbors.
  • Be responsible for the behavior of your guests.
  • In the event that an egregious violation of house policy occurs, the house member may be subject to standard college disciplinary procedures as outlined in the College Regulations.

Additional Expectations of House Residents

In keeping with the values of Vassar College, and in addition to all previously mentioned rights and responsibilities for members, house residents are encouraged to make further contributions to house affairs by:

  • Creating a positive and welcoming environment in the house by taking on individual responsibility for the communal good.
  • Participating in the orientation of incoming first-year students.
  • Taking an active role within the house and during house activities.
  • Assisting in the basic housekeeping, maintenance, and appearance of the House.