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Accounting Services

Vassar College


When will my paystub be available to view online?

  • Paystubs will be available online after the payroll has been processed which may be prior to the scheduled pay day.
  • The deposit will be made on the scheduled pay day. The paystub does not guarantee that the funds have been deposited into your bank account. It is recommended that you confirm receipt of direct deposit funds with your financial institution before expending those funds.

When will my direct deposit go into effect?

Due to a prenotification process, it may take up to two payrolls before the new direct deposit goes into effect. You can monitor the status of your bank account on Banner Online. Once your bank account transitions from a prenote status to an active status, your next payment will be direct deposited.

What forms need to be completed in order to update my tax information?

In order to update your tax information such as marital status or number of claimed allowances, you must complete the following forms:

  • Form W-4 2020 (Federal Taxes)
  • Form IT-2104 2020 (NYS and NYC)

You may mail the completed forms to Payroll, Box 12 or scan and email to

What information is available in Workday?

  • Pay Stubs
  • Deductions History
  • Earnings History
  • Tax Forms: W2 Year-End Earnings Statement and W4 Tax Exemptions or Allowances
  • Leave Balances
  • Benefit and Deductions: Dependent Information, Health Benefits, and Retirements Plan

How do I sign up for, or change, my direct deposit account information?

 You can update your Payroll and Accounts Payable direct deposit information through Workday. For specific instructions click Direct Deposit Worklet.

How do I request a salary advance if I'm qualified to receive one?

Faculty and Administrators may request a salary advance only in emergency circumstances (unforeseen, unplanned and unavoidable events) that require an employee to secure funds on short notice. Salary advances are repaid through one payroll deduction from the next paycheck immediately following issuance of the advance and typically are no more than 25% of an employee’s net income (take home pay) for that pay period. An employee must log in to Workday and complete the Salary Advance Request Form which will be confidentially reviewed and approved by the Payroll Manager, Controller, and Assoc. V.P. for Human Resources. Salary Advance Request form instructions. The advance will be paid within 7 business days from the Accounts Payable Office. For additional information or to see if you qualify for an advance, please contact Tricia Watt in the Payroll Department.

How long will my paystubs be available for viewing online?

Individual paystubs are available online and reflect your pay history from your date of hire to the present time.

How secure is the Workday website?

It is on a secure server. Individuals have access only to their information through the use of their personal Vassar identification number and pin. You should maintain this information as confidential for your own security. If you have any specific questions regarding the security of online information, please contact CIS directly.

How do I access my electronic paystub in Workday?

Follow the Paystub Job Aid.

How can I calculate what my federal tax allowance should be?

The following two links are IRS resources that may help you figure your tax allowances:

You have the option to receive an electronic W-2 through Workday or a paper W-2 which will be mailed through the US Postal Service. Federal regulations require that employees provide their consent to receive the W-2 in an electronic format. If you wish to receive all future W-2 statements from Vassar College electronically, please provide your consent. Once your consent is given it carries forward each year but can be revoked at any time. Your W-2 will be available by January 31st each year. You may elect to receive your W-2 electronically in an IRS approved format by accessing the W-2 statement through Workday. If you do not provide consent to receive your W-2 in an electronic format, a paper copy will be mailed to your permanent address on file.

 To update your preference:

Pay Worklet > My Tax Documents

Click Edit under Printing Election>OK

Next page click OK and choose which one and click OK

When will my W-2 statement be available?

Once the W-2s are processed, current employees will be able to view and print electronic W-2 statements immediately. An email notification will be sent to employees when the W-2s are available online. Employees who did not provide their consent for an electronic W-2 will be mailed a paper Form W-2 to the current address on record through the US Postal Service no later than January 31st. Employees who have separated from Vassar College will be mailed a paper Form W-2 to the current address on record through the US Postal Service no later than January 31st.

How do I view my W-2 in Workday?

Follow the W-2 Job Aid.