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Pre-Health Advising

Vassar College

In the health professions application process, non-U.S. citizens holding permanent residency in the U.S. (i.e., green card holders) are generally treated in the same way as U.S. citizens. Opportunities for medical education in the U.S. are not as available for international applicants, that is, non-U.S. citizens and non-permanent residents. While some medical schools do allow applications from international students, the numbers admitted yearly are quite small. Most acceptances are offered by private health professions schools. Many American students finance their medical education, at least in part, through government loans. U.S. government loans are not available to international students who are not permanent residents. Therefore, many medical schools will require international students to document their ability to independently pay for medical education. In some cases, students may be required to demonstrate adequate funds in an escrow account prior to enrollment. 

Check out the AAMC's How do I... Apply as an International Applicant?

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Clark University list of schools that accept International applicants, and a list of financial resources

Princeton Unversity has some additional resources.

As one of E4FC's key leadership and career development initiatives, Pre-Health Dreamers (PHD) provides support to undocumented students who are pursuing careers in health and science. PHD supports undocumented pre-health students by serving as 1) a community to offer peer support and professional development, 2) a resource of unprecedented knowledge on related career pathways, and 3) an advocate for increased access to health careers and health care for the undocumented community. Over the past two years, PHD has created a trusted community where over 250 undocumented pre-health students can network and find support for their unique struggles.