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Pre-Health Advising

Vassar College

In addition to academic advisors, there is a committee of Pre-Health Advisors made up of faculty members who work specifically with pre-medical and pre-dental students. Students interested in other types of healthcare careers work with the Pre-Health advisor through the entire process. During the years leading up to the application year, students and alums interested in medical or dental school consult with the Pre-Health Advisor for any kind of advice in becoming a prepared and competitive applicant for their chosen health professions career goal.

During the year prior to submitting an application for admission to medical or dental school, students are assigned to a specific faculty Pre-Health Advisor who is part of the Pre-Health Committee works in conjunction with the Pre-Health advisor to prepare students for the application process. Our goal is to do our best in helping students and alum construct an application that is as competitive as possible given individual achievements, experiences, and personal qualities.   

Our Committee firmly believes that many students can enhance their probabilities of successful achievement of careers in the health professions by early consultation with the Pre-Health advising office. The office is located on the first floor of Main at the Center for Career Education and our phone number is (845) 437-5285. Anyone can email with questions; students and alum can make an appointment on Handshake.