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Career Education

Vassar College

When you are unsure about what you want to do with your life, it is common to want to look for an easy, “objective” answer. You may have heard about so-called “career tests” that provide answers about what to do with your future. Unfortunately, there is no test/assessment that gives magical answers about what your perfect career would be.

However, there are assessments that can give you insight about yourself, which is the first step in helping you identify a satisfying career. As you begin developing greater self-awareness, especially as it applies to future decision-making, assessment instruments can provide useful information and help you to start thinking about yourself in different ways. The CCE offers students and alums complimentary, on-demand access to the FOCUS2, a self-assessment tool that evaluates your work interests, personality, skills, values, and leisure interests, and generates a list of careers in line with your results. Though you can take the FOCUS2 on your own, the CCE’s career counselors are always happy to review and discuss your results.

Take the FOCUS2

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