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Career Education

Vassar College

Ever wondered what you can do with a major in _____________?

The CCE recommends a variety of resources to help you connect your career and academic interests. Consider looking into the following resources:

CCE Major Guides

The CCE wants you to have the specific resources that best fit your goals and your experiences. We have curated specific resources based on the top majors by enrollment at Vassar. These resources include popular first employers, job titles, graduate programs, industry guides, job search resources, and much more. These are all specific guides for the majors listed below.

Don't see your major? More majors guides coming summer 2024.

What Can I Do with This Major? 

What Can I Do With This Major? is a long-time resource published by the University of Tennessee that contains links to popular careers and industries by major. To learn more about this resource, check out this video.

LinkedIn & VassarNet Searches by Major or Program

Search for alums by major on LinkedIn’s Vassar Alumni page and VassarNet! These resources provide a terrific visual representation of some of the top employers and industries that Vassar alums with this major go on to work in. In addition to top employers and industries, this tool also allows you to refine your search results by location, major/field of study, keyword(s), graduation date, skills, and more.

Academic Departments and Programs

Talk to your advisor, as well as other faculty members, about what past majors have gone on to do. Attend the Majors Fair and other events sponsored by Majors’ Committees. Additionally, many department/program websites contain links to alum profiles and/or popular employers.