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Human Resources

Vassar College

Life Insurance: All benefit-eligible employees have life insurance through Unum except for SEIU Service employees who have life insurance through 1199SEIU NBF. For more information, reference the Benefit Overviews and your negotiated contract or employee handbook.

Group Accident Insurance: Accident Insurance is designed to help covered employees meet the out-of-pocket expenses and extra bills that can follow an accidental injury, whether minor or catastrophic. Indemnity lump sum benefits are paid directly to the employee based on the amount of coverage listed in the schedule of benefits. The accident base plan is guaranteed issue, so no health questions are required.

Group Specified Disease Insurance: This helps offset the financial effects of a catastrophic illness by paying a lump sum benefit when employees or their covered dependents are diagnosed with a covered illness. The benefit is based on the amount of coverage, the illness & other policy provisions. Covered conditions: Alzheimer's Disease; Coronary Artery Disease; Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction); Major Organ Failure; Stroke; Invasive Cancer. Non-Invasive Cancer is covered at 25% of benefit, Skin Cancer has a $500 benefit only.