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Human Resources

Vassar College

What are Employee Resource Groups?

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-led groups of employees that share common interests, identities, backgrounds, dimensions of diversity, and pursuits. ERGs contribute to the development, both personal and professional, of its members, fostering inclusion and belonging and facilitating a collaboratively-built support network. ERGs allow employees who may otherwise not regularly engage with one another to find time and space to meaningfully connect with one another and address their common challenges and opportunities together.

What ERGs currently exist?

Circle of Well-Being

This group addresses the need for employees to come together to focus on our overall well-being and feel valued and supported.

Contact: Carollynn Costella,

Judaism and Jewish Culture

Contact: Marc Epstein,

Vassar Veteran Employees

This group provides a space for military veteran employees and for veteran issues to be discussed.

Contact: Jaime Del Razo,

What ERGs are in the process of forming?

Parents and Caregivers of Individuals with Disabilities

This group is committed to providing a supportive community for parents and caregivers of individuals with disabilities, fostering a space for shared experiences, resources, and collaboration to enhance our and our loved ones’ well-being.

Contact: Jessica Greenstein,

New Hires

This group seeks to empower recently-hired employees by facilitating meaningful connections across the college community. We aim to foster a sense of belonging and collaboration, ensuring new employees feel not only welcomed and well-socialized but also an integral part of our diverse and vibrant campus.

Contact: Julian Aguilar,

How can I create my own ERG?

Employees seeking to establish an ERG must submit an application for review by Human Resources.

To receive recognition, an ERG must demonstrate that:

  • It has a mission that is consistent with, and advances, the college’s mission and core value.
  • There is a minimum of one (1) facilitator and two (2) members.
  • The facilitator(s) understand(s) and agree(s) to abide by all ERG Program Rules.


Contact Kaeli Varden-Jones, Assistant Director of Talent and Engagement, for any ERG-related questions or concerns.