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Vassar College

Science students may apply for these awards to expand their research experiences. For example, awards may be for independent research at Vassar (including extending an URSI project into the academic year), working in labs of collaborators at other institutions, or presenting research at a regional or national meeting. Priority will be given to projects that extend beyond one semester or summer, to projects that increase the likelihood of fruitful completion and ultimately publication, to projects that expose students to new research environments or new opportunities to do science, and to projects that involve interdisciplinary interactions. 

  • Most previous awards have been reimbursement of travel expenses for presenting research at meetings, with a cap of $750.
  • Requests for awards are accepted on a rolling basis
  • A brief post-activity report on how the award helped the student’s development as a scientist is required. 
  • Activities must occur and awarded funds must be used before JUNE 30 of the academic year in which the grant was awarded.

Students should email the form to be used for applications to the Asprey Center for Collaborative Approaches to Science ( 

If human participants are involved, also include in the application documentation of approval or exemption by Vassar’s IRB. 

Send any questions to ACCAS Director Joe Tanski.

*The Asprey Center for Collaborative Approaches to Science and the SRE grants it provides acknowledges the computer pioneer and Vassar College professor Winifred “Tim” Asprey. Under her leadership, Vassar College became one of the first liberal arts colleges in the United States to establish a computer center and to offer courses in computer science (1963) and the second college in the country to acquire an IBM System/360 computer.  

Asprey CCAS Application