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Vassar College

The Marshall Scholarship provide US students with one or two fully funded years of study, with a possible third-year extension, at any university in the United Kingdom and applicable to any field of study. Seniors, graduate/professional students, and graduates are eligible to apply within two years of their undergraduate graduation. Must be a U.S. citizen with an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.7. “In appointing Scholars the selectors will look for candidates who have the potential to excel as scholars, as leaders and as contributors to improved UK-US understanding. Assessment will be based on academic meritleadership potential and ambassadorial potential.”

One year Marshall Scholarships: The one year Marshall Scholarship is aimed at applicants who wish to study in the UK, but have strong reasons that would mean a one-year Scholarship would work better for them than the traditional two year Marshall Scholarship. 

In order to be considered for this opportunity, you must complete a confidentiality waiver and submit it to the Office for Fellowships. This should be submitted BEFORE you request letters of recommendation. CAMPUS DEADLINE: September 6, this includes all letters of recommendation.

  1. Before applying for a Marshall Scholarship, candidates must read the rules for candidates.
  2. Please register for an application by clicking on the link below and follow the instructions outlined. Application materials for the Marshall scholarship.
  3. Applications and letters of recommendation will be submitted electronically through the online application system. The application will come to the fellowships' office and will be forwarded to the committee on fellowships for review.
  4. Contact your referees as soon as possible. When they agree to write a letter in support of your application you should offer to provide a resume and/or copy of your personal statement so that they can learn more about you. Once you create an account and indicate who your referees will be, they will automatically receive an email with instructions and the appropriate form for the letter. Please ask your recommenders to send the letter in by the campus deadline so the committee can review it with the application. Please note that the Marshall application requires three letters of recommendation (all but one must be in the US during the selection process).
  5. By submitting your application you are agreeing to the review of your transcript. If you have grades from courses not listed on your Vassar transcript you should email transcripts to
  6. You will have an interview with a member of the committee on fellowships, as well as, with the Dean of Studies—this will be an important practice for a Marshall interview if you are invited—it will also give the committee more information and impressions to be used in our endorsement letter should you be invited to continue with the process.   

The deliberations of the committee are confidential. Feedback will not be provided after the committee meets and makes a decision.

2021 Presentation (12.3MB)

Outreach Materials

Learn more about study in the UK

 5 Questions with a Marshall Scholar, featuring:

o   Richard Falkenrath — Shelby Cullom and Kathryn W. Davis adjunct Senior Fellow for Counterterrorism and Homeland Security, Council on Foreign Relations

o    Avery Willis Hoffman—Program Director, Park Avenue Armory

o   Michael Elias—Managing Director, Kennet Partners Ltd. in London